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Testimonials of the patients

"I was bothered by tendonitis during my professional activities as a mountain bike guide. Raphaëlle's treatment quickly put me back on the bike. After only a few days, the positive effects were concrete. I got back to work happily and without pain."
Emmanuel A.


"Raphaëlle Solioz is a therapist who listens well and knows how to quickly identify the problem to work on. Her expertise of kinesiology has allowed me to move forward on my path. Thank you very much!""

Delphine T.

"After 3 sessions with Raphaëlle and some exercises at home, I am learning to listen to my needs, take care of myself and let go. Thank you for your time, your listening and your advice."

Nina L.


"A competent therapist, who listens to us and has an extraordinary sensitivity. She has helped me to progress and overcome problems that seemed impossible to solve. Each session brings me a great well-being, energy and a strong motivation for the next steps to take to reach my goal. Thank you Raphaëlle."

Maud R.

"My shoulder is much better after a kinesiology and muscles reboot session. I look forward to coming back, thank you." 

Carla L.

"A refreshing and natural therapy approach set in the beautiful mountains.

Try something new ! Highly recommend !"

Kelly K.

"During my first kinesiology session, I was facing the unknown. Raphaëlle knew how to guide me to get the most out of this experience. She is a competent and passionate therapist who practices with calmness in a relaxing environment."

Julie L.

"I had the opportunity to be the guinea pig during Raphaëlle's reboot training. Following repeated shoulder dislocations, the area of my shoulder was very tense, causing pain in the back of my neck. The sessions with Raphaëlle brought me a feeling of lightness in the treated area as well as a great general relaxation."

Loris T.

"Kinesiology in the practice of my sport in competition or leisure allows me to link and understand the phenomena that interact between my muscular capacities and the way I use them. This allows me to better understand my emotional state and thus to release all my energy in my gestures and my efforts at the time of practice. This allows me to significantly improve my performance in racing and to control these emotional situations at all times. This practice is also very beneficial in everyday life, after an injury or even a period of fatigue. A real experience to teach your body and mind. Thank you Raphaëlle!"

Camille B.

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