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Course of a session


We set a session objective according to the problem.

muscle test
Request additional information from the body.

Finding blockages and making corrections
Correction at the structural, emotional, mental or energetic level.


What is Kinesiology?

The word "kinesiology" comes from the ancient Greek language.
It is movement (kinesis) combined with speech (logos); giving the body a voice.

A gentle method inspired by the principles of Chinese medicine and open to all, it allows us to decode the blockages that prevent us from healing, realizing ourselves, and moving forward.

The goal of kinesiology

To balance the triangle of health (mental, emotional, physical).
If one of the facets is not doing well, an imbalance will be created in the body in the form of pain, blockage, illness or emotion.


The role of the therapist

To listen to the patient and help him get back on track by translating the messages given by the body, creating awareness of feelings and emotional states.


The role of the patient

To realize that the keys to his well-being are within, through self awareness and listening to himself.



Take stock, reconnect with yourself and your deep needs with the help of body messages.


Make peace with yourself and with your past by understanding your mechanisms, your wounds, & the source of blockages.


Rediscover harmony by balancing your mental, emotional, structural and energetic facets.

Move forward

Take back control of your life, move forward in confidence and in the acceptance of your limits.

Regain your full potential and autonomy.

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