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Course of a session


We set a session objective according to the problem.

muscle test
Request additional information from the body.

Finding blockages and making corrections
Correction at the structural, emotional, mental or energetic level.


Kinesiology for athletes


Through my own experience, I realized that success in sports is not only a question of physical training.

Kinesiology and muscles rebooting are highly complementary to various athlete programs such as trainers, physiotherapist or nutrionnist.

To be successful, the athlete needs to be fully connected to his body and feelings, knowing his limits and focusing on each movement.

Although most of these steps happen naturally, the athlete is a human being with his own injuries, fears, doubts and worries from everyday life.
If these concerns take up too much space, some of his energy will not be available on the day of the competition, nor for trainings.

The balance between our mental, emotional and physical beings is therefore essential!

Kinesiology and muscle reboot offer excellent support especially in:

- Identifying the causes of the different stresses / blockages
- Working on anchoring techniques and mental visualization
- Balancing the energy flow in the body
- Reducing recurring pain, muscular tension and fatigue

It would be my pleasure to accompagny you on your journey with a personnalized approach.


Let's discuss your goals together and activate your potential!

The services are reimbursed by the ASCA affiliated complementary insurances


Kinesiology in the practice of my sport in competition or leisure allows me to link and understand the phenomena that interact between my muscular capacities and the way I use them. This allows me to better understand my emotional state and thus to release all my energy in my gestures and my efforts at the time of practice. This allows me to significantly improve my performance in racing and to control these emotional situations at all times. This practice is also very beneficial in everyday life, after an injury or even a period of fatigue. A real experience to teach your body and mind. Thank you Raphaëlle!

Camille B. - MTB Downhill racer


Athletes are constantly looking for performance, and it goes without saying that a good understanding of their body, experience and mechanisms is an integral part of success.

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