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Course of a session


We set a session objective according to the problem.

muscle test
Request additional information from the body.

Finding blockages and making corrections
Correction at the structural, emotional, mental or energetic level.


Why reach out ?


For athletes

  • Preparation for a sports competition (concentration, apprehension,...)

  • Energy balance of 14 or 42 muscles and their systems.

  • Learn to better listen to your body and be in harmony with it.

  • Management of the mind, emotions related to failures, injuries...

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The therapist has a the role to follow and support the patient on his journey of  recovery. The patient remains ultimately responsible for his own evolution.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy and in no way replaces the advice or treatment of a doctor.

Kinesiology education

Touch For Health - John F. Thie 

Brain Gym - Paul E. Dennison, Gail E. Dennison

Stress Release or Wellness Kinesiology - Wayne Topping

Three in One Concept - Gordon Stokes, Candace Callaway, Daniel Whiteside

Child and baby kinesiology

Touch for Health Proficiency 

Other formations

Energy dams 

Numerology - genetic genealogy 

Somatic behaviors 

Tibetan Energetics 

Active listening, helping relationship and coaching
Introduction to positive psychology

NLP bases

Muscle reboot / Reboutage 

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