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About me

Life led me to kinesiology as a young patient, and brought many solutions for my health and evolution.

The idea of making it my profession came to me a few years later, while I was travelling around the world.

As a creative, sensitive and active person, I found myself drawn to kinesiology as it takes into account all of our aspects (energetic, structural, emotional, mental, spiritual).

After more than 500 hours of exciting courses, 150 hours of anatomy-physiology-pathology for ASCA recognition, many hours of personal work and practice, I obtained my diploma as a kinesiologist in 2018.

Convinced that the energy of a place contributes to the quality of a treatment, I welcome you to my home town at the foot of the Dents-du-Midi. Each session is unique and personalized.


Always in search of knowledge, I regularly train in other holistic methods, in order to complete my toolbox and bring a quality approach to my patients. Muscle reboot is the new service that I offer.


Passionate about action sports such as mountain biking or skiing, I have set up a program dedicated to athletes, in order to allow them a better understanding of themselves which can benefit their sports and personal goals.

So, whatever your age, your problem or your situation, I highly encourage you to benefit from these wonderful techniques and I am at your disposal for any further information.


Kinesiology education

Touch For Health - John F. Thie 

Brain Gym - Paul E. Dennison, Gail E. Dennison

Stress Release or Wellness Kinesiology - Wayne Topping

Three in One Concept - Gordon Stokes, Candace Callaway, Daniel Whiteside

Child and baby kinesiology

Touch for Health Proficiency 

Other formations

Energy dams 

Numerology - genetic genealogy 

Somatic behaviors 

Tibetan Energetics 

Active listening, helping relationship and coaching
Introduction to positive psychology

NLP bases

Muscle reboot / Reboutage 



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