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Course of a session


We set a session objective according to the problem.

muscle test
Request additional information from the body.

Finding blockages and making corrections
Correction at the structural, emotional, mental or energetic level.


Kinesiology for children and babies

Kinesiology works very well with children and babies who are naturally receptive to energy. For example in case of:

Crises, sleeping disorders, potty training, nightmares, school or learning difficulties, relationship with others, shyness, emotions management ...


  • The muscle test will lead us to the most appropriate technique and allow the release of emotionnal stress. 

  • The time and style of the session is adapted according to the age and rhythm of the child.


  • From the age of 7, the child can decide if he wants to be accompanied by a parent for the session or if he wants to stay alone.

The therapist has the role to follow and support the patient on his journey of  recovery. The patient remains ultimately responsible for his own evolution.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy and in no way replaces the advice or treatment of a doctor.

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